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How 3PL Transportation Management Differs from a Freight Brokerage

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Sep 12, 2023

When you hear that transportation services are non-asset, your mind probably flips straight to a brokerage and how you are going to be paying for a middleman. While yes, a traditional freight broker connects companies with the right carriers and acts as the go-between to ensure correct agreements, expectations, and communications are in place, they do play an essential role. Brokers can help shippers find the best solutions for both their needs and budgets – making certain your goods will be transported timely and safely.

However, there are also other types of non-asset companies where the intermediaries can add even more value to your logistics. Outsourced transportation management, or a 3PL Broker, offers a large range of goods management and logistics options that go well beyond what a traditional freight brokerage offers. While both options will work with a carrier to transport your goods, 3PL transportation services do not stop there. Here are some key differentiators between the two:

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As you can see above, partnering with a 3PL for your transportation services allows you more leverage and to gain a competitive advantage in your supply chain. Furthermore, 3PLs work to create strong business relationships within their networks, so it can be trusted that your freight will be moved successfully. The convenience, expertise, and incentives from using a 3PL’s in-house transportation services provides you with a bespoke solution.

Think you could benefit from the services of a 3PL Transportation partner? Whether you are looking to streamline your logistics, improve your overall performance, or increase your logistics outsourcing, our Transportation Management Questionnaire asks you 10 questions to help you decide if outsourcing your transportation management should be part of your business strategy. Click the image below to download our helpful and free questionnaire!

If transportation is not a core competency of yours, then working with a 3PL company for your transportation needs could improve your overall performance, while also saving you both time and money. Why not get a little more bang for your buck and set yourself apart from the competition? Our hassle-free experience allows you to be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want to be – so you can focus on the other critical parts of your business. Contact us today!

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