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The Shippers Group Remains Committed to Hiring our Veterans

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Jul 25, 2022

National Hire a Veteran Day is observed every year on July 25th and encourages employers to consider veterans in their employment and hiring strategies. This day provides awareness and serves as a platform to show that our veterans are qualified and trained and looking for jobs.

Creating and filling opportunities to employ veterans is an important part of our hiring strategy here at The Shippers Group. As our President, Rob Doyle, is a veteran himself, this was an initiative that has been given much focus since his joining of the company. Rob, along with the Shippers’ team, recognized the need to help our veterans successfully transition to the civilian workforce.


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National Day of the Cowboy at The Shippers Group

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Jul 23, 2022

National Day of the Cowboy hits home for The Shippers Group, as our 121-year-old company was built upon a foundation of the Cowboy code of Ethics. A cowboy represents the best of the American workforce, having the characteristics of optimism, courage, and hard work. Characteristics which our team proudly displays each and every day. With a culture founded on honesty, integrity, and a can-do attitude, we are more than a leading Third-Party Logistics provider - we are true modern-day Cowboys and Cowgirls.


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3 Basic Trends that are Changing Supply Chains

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jul 13, 2022

Given the impact of the last two years on food supply chains and on our lives in general, Rethink Everything as the theme of this year’s Food Shippers of America conference was on point. Among the many changes in our lives imposed by the pandemic are three basic trends that are causing manufacturers to rethink their supply chains. Let's take a look.

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TSG Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Jul 6, 2022

Last week, a few of our members from our corporate team spent the day volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. As part of the Shippers Gives Back program, our team is committed to giving back to our communities by supporting charitable donations and by engaging in several volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Participating in volunteer activities like this reminds us of the importance of improving the lives of others. Each time we participate in these volunteer activities, not only are we strengthening our communities, but also our team as we work together to promote well-being for everyone.

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The Shippers Group Honors Our Military Veterans

Posted by Rob Doyle on Jul 3, 2022

As a company, we hold our veterans in high esteem, and while Memorial Day is not about the living, we still honor all of our veterans realizing the heavy heart of many veterans who lost brothers and sisters in arms during their time serving our country. For this, we are very grateful for their sacrifice, and those who have given their life so that we can enjoy the freedom of democracy.   

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