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10 Strategies for Optimizing Warehouse Layout and Space Utilization

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Jul 19, 2023

Take a moment to think about your current warehouse layout. Do you have a smooth traffic flow? Are your processes streamlined? Is your productivity up and your costs down? Great! That could be an indication that your current warehouse layout is being optimized. 

However, if you find yourself on the other side of those questions and are experiencing challenges like poor inventory management, unsatisfactory order processing, or high operating costs, this likely reflects your warehouse layout needing some improvements.

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What Class of Industrial Warehouse is Best for your Distribution Needs?

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jun 15, 2023

You’re looking for a supply chain partner who can warehouse, inventory, fill orders, and ship your goods to customers, so you issue a Request for Proposal to third-party warehousing companies capable of providing the distribution services your company needs. Potentially, thousands of pallets will be stored in the facility along with hundreds of different items (skus). Multiple truckloads and maybe even rail boxcars will be received and shipped daily. 

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7 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind on Forklift Safety Day

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Jun 13, 2023

Forklift Safety Day is recognized on the second Tuesday in June every year and provides the opportunity for industries that rely on forklifts to refresh their training and reevaluate their safety guidelines.

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TSG Ranks Among the Transport Topics Top 100 Dry Storage Warehousing Firms

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Jun 8, 2023

Can we get a drumroll, please? The Shippers Group has been ranked among the Transport Topics Top 100 Dry Storage Warehousing Firms! 

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5 Reasons Atlanta is a Top Metro City for Distribution Centers

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Apr 13, 2023

Atlanta has quickly become an attractive place for manufacturers and retailers who are looking to relocate or expand their warehousing and distribution operations to the South. The state is home to about 900 million square feet of warehouse distribution space, with 600 million square feet of that located in metro Atlanta. With a talented workforce, higher quality of life, and lower cost of living, Atlanta is where more and more people are choosing to move and do business.

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