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COVID-19 Update: Week 43

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Dec 16, 2021

This week marks the one year anniversary of the first COVID vaccine. Approximately 59% of people have been fully vaccinated, and anyone over the age of 5 years old is able to be vaccinated. If you have not been vaccinated, please consider doing so. The vaccine does not guarantee that you will not get COVID, but if you get COVID, your chances of becoming severely ill are dramatically reduced.

With the holidays upon us, the spread of illness is on the rise as people gather indoors. Please continue to follow guidance from the CDC to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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COVID-19 Update: Week 42

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Nov 19, 2021

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays will soon be here, there are new concerns about the spread of COVID. Health officials are concerned over the recent uptick in COVID cases across the upper Midwest and Northeast as the colder weather drives people indoors.

Some advice for a safer family gathering this Thanksgiving is to open windows or try to gather outdoors where possible. Good ventilation is believed to be just as important as vaccination. 

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Why Warehouse Wages are Up and Workers in Short Supply

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Oct 21, 2021

Prior to the Pandemic

Wages in the supply chain industry are increasing at the fastest pace seen in years in response to a shortage of labor. Prior to the pandemic, warehousing and distribution providers were already struggling from a labor market that was close to full employment, especially in high density distribution markets such as Atlanta and Dallas.

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COVID-19 Update: Week 41

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Oct 19, 2021

The Shippers Group is lifting our mask mandate. MASKS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED IF YOU ARE VACCINATED. Unvaccinated associates and visitors are required to wear a mask. Vaccination status is on the honor system.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on 3PL Warehousing Creates New Business Paradigm

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Sep 9, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to new opportunities for 3PL warehousing companies. In the white paper, How A 3PL Warehouse Successfully Navigated the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, The Shippers Group explores the impact of the pandemic and how it has created a new business paradigm.

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