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The Shippers Group Shares Ways to Commemorate Black History Month

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Feb 23, 2023

Black History Month is observed and celebrated every February. The inclusion of Black history and culture is essential for a true representation of our overall history. This month serves as a time to highlight the people who not only created foundational innovations, achievements, and art, but who also took action for equal rights and freedoms. Throughout Black History Month, we celebrate these achievements of the past, as well as Black history that’s being made today.


Whether it is through learning about black history, supporting Black non-profit organizations, or shopping at Black-owned and operated businesses, you can commemorate Black History Month in several ways, not only in February but year-round.

Learn about Significant Black Figures and Their Contributions
We usually draw attention to well-known historical figures such as Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr. While these two are very important activists to recognize, there are many others' contributions to learn about. You can visit for an extensive list to learn about other notable Black figures throughout history. 

Support Black-Owned Businesses
Black-owned businesses stabilize our communities, but the pandemic forced many to close. For those who persevered, structural racism is stacked against them. Becoming a customer is a great way to try new things and support their success. Here is a list of several Black-owned small business directories to find businesses you can support near you.

Celebrate Black Literature 
If Black authors aren’t currently on your bookshelf or on your reading list, it's time for a change! There are several books and stories that you can learn about the challenges people of color have faced throughout history and today. Through these powerful stories, you can deepen your understanding of the impact of racism.

Need a recommendation on books to read? Oprah Daily published an article listing 25 Books by Black Authors You Should Read in Your Lifetime. Also, instead of buying one of these books from Amazon or other major bookstore chains, visit a local Black-Owned bookstore near you!

Become a Mentor
Everyone could use a little help in achieving their success. You can help lift black talent by becoming a mentor to either a child or a younger coworker. Encouraging their skill, talent, and passion will help support the next generation of black leaders who will fight inequality and make positive changes in our communities.

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