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COVID-19 Update: Week 15

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jun 26, 2020


We urge you to continue to practice social distancing, wear masks, and wash your hands often and thoroughly.  Some regions are seeing a dramatic spike in the number of Coronavirus cases.  Please do your part to protect yourself and those around you, because any activity that involves contact with others carries some level of risk of exposure to Coronavirus. 

This week the CDC has updated the list of people who are most at risk of severe COVID-19 illness.  This information is available on the CDC’s website. “As more information becomes available, it is clear that a substantial number of Americans are at increased risk of severe illness- highlighting the importance of continuing to follow preventative measures.”

At The Shippers Group we are staying focused and continuing our efforts to keep associates safe by closely following all CDC guidelines.  Our rate of absenteeism remains the same as it was prior to the global pandemic. This validates that our efforts to combat the virus are working. 

Documentation regarding our prevention and response efforts are available on our website and updated weekly. For a complete list of all TSG COVID-19 Prevention and Response Documentation, visit our COVID-19 Resource page by clicking below.


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Taking Action

This is the latest list of actions we are taking to ensure communication to all stakeholders:

  1. If you do not feel well – STAY HOME

  2. If you go to be tested for COVID-19 – STAY HOME (until the results are back as negative)

  3. If someone in your household test positive for COVID-19 – STAY HOME (you should be tested as well)

  • It is VERY important that we ALL continue to follow CDC guidelines in that we:

    • Wash our hands thoroughly throughout the day

    • Practice social distancing (6 feet apart as much as possible)

    • If you are sick, do not come to work, contact your health care provider and let your supervisor know

    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

    • Wear a mask per the guidelines issued for all facilities

    • If you plan to take a COVID-19 test, make sure you let your supervisor know you are taking it and report back the result of the test as well. Please stay home while you await the results of the test and if negative, you can go back to work immediately.  If you test positive, you need to stay home for 14 days and come back once you have the “all clear” from your health care provider.

    • If someone in your family/household tests positive for COVID-19, you need to self-quarantine and get tested. Once you have a negative result and finish your quarantine period, you can come back to work.  

  • Masks are required at all TSG sites. 

  • Stay hydrated - Hydration is key to a healthy immune system. 

  • Other ways to improve your immune system:

    • Exercise

    • Wash Your Hands

    • Get Enough Sleep

    • Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

    • Eat a Well Balanced Diet with Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

  • We continue procuring and distributing proper cleaning and PPE equipment to our facilities across the country.

  • The COVID-19 Task Force at The Shippers Group continues to meet every Wednesday and on Fridays with our General Managers to ensure communication of the latest CDC recommendations, absentee rates within TSG facilities and status of PPE and cleaning supplies inventories.

Hydration is key to a healthy immune system.

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 response efforts, please contact Diane Villafana, VP of Human Resources and Safety Compliance.


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