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COVID-19 Update: Week 19

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Aug 27, 2020


President Rob Doyle of The Shippers Group has continued conducting townhall meetings with facilities via video conference and last week returned to Atlanta and visited the Virginia sites to conduct these meetings.  To no surprise, the Coronavirus continues to dominate the conversation.  Rob acknowledged the outstanding effort of associates at these distribution centers to remain vigilant in the battle against the virus and efforts to control outbreak of COVID-19 within our facilities by following CDC guidelines.

Since the onset of our response to COVID-19, we have documented our prevention and response efforts on our website.  Visit our COVID-19 Resource page by clicking below


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Taking Action

This is the latest list of actions we are taking to ensure communication to all stakeholders:

Watch this week's message from President Rob Doyle by clicking here.

The Shippers Group continues to procure and distribute PPE and cleaning supplies to our facilities.

Every Wednesday is a meeting of our COVID-19 Task Force.

Every Friday is a meeting with our General Managers regarding our COVID-19 Response efforts and any new developments regarding ways we can best keep our associates safe. 

Daily we are following a list of protocols for disinfecting, social distancing and reminding associates to remain vigilant in their efforts. 

Facilities continue to mandate the following:

  • Wear your mask anytime you are in the facility
  • Wear your mask security over your nose and mouth. DO NOT pull the mask below your nose.
  • Social distance. Remember this especially at the time clocks, bathrooms, lunch rooms, in front of vending machines, etc.
  • Wash your hands and continuously disinfect your hands several times a day.
  • Disinfect your areas and equipment.
  • Stay home if you feel sick.  Do not put the health of your co-workers at risk.
  • Stay home while you are waiting on test results.
  • Stay home if someone close to you (lives in your home or is around you for long periods of time) is sick or has tested positive.

Masks are mandatory and sanitize your work areas both in the office and in the warehouse often.

We are #3PLStrong. We are essential. We are TSG. View COVID-19 Resources

Please wear the mask, wash your hands and social distance. Remind your loved ones of the importance of these basic measures to keep themselves and those they are in direct contact with safe. 

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, we have resources available to help. 

For any questions about our COVID-19 response efforts, contact Diane Villafana, VP of Human Resources and Safety Compliance.


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