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COVID-19 Update: Week 25

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Nov 13, 2020


Coronavirus cases are on the rise across the country and this is putting a strain on the nation’s healthcare system. Please do your part. When you can, stay home and avoid large gatherings of people. When it is necessary to go out, please wear your mask and social distance.

The holidays are upon us with Thanksgiving less than two weeks away. Healthcare officials are recommending that you wear a mask, social distance and limit gatherings to immediate family members not to exceed 10 people. Recommendations also include dining outdoors in regions of the country where that is possible. When dining indoors is necessary, try to open windows near the dining area to allow for fresh outdoor air to come indoors. This can help reduce the concentration of respiratory particulates in the air. Also consider having one person assigned to plate food and avoid buffet style dining. Enjoy the holidays, but please do so as safely as possible. 

Since the onset of the global pandemic, The Shippers Group has relied on guidelines of the CDC and collaborated with our customers to ensure we do our part to keep the nation’s food supply chain moving. Safety is one of our core values, and as the pandemic continues we remain steadfast in our efforts to keep our associates and their loved ones safe while focusing on our mission to be our customers’ number one supply chain partner.  Information is available on our website that documents our efforts and provides valuable resources to our associates and our customers. 


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Taking Action

This is the latest list of actions we are taking to ensure communication to all stakeholders:

  • President Rob Doyle continues his bi-weekly video address to associates.
  • Public health officials are recommending everyone get a flu shot this year.
  • Important reminders:
    • If you do not feel well, STAY HOME. Call your manager and let them know you are experiencing signs of COVID-19.
    • Remember to SOCIAL DISTANCE yourself from other workers. Notify management if you feel this is not occurring at your site.
    • Wear your protective MASK, SCARF, or BANDANA always. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose. Masks are required at all TSG sites.
    • Wash your hands and sanitize several times a day, especially after touching hard surfaces.
    • Disinfect your work areas. If you need supplies to clean your equipment, desk, or any other surface, let management know immediately!
  • Sites are being reminded of proper protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of all associates.
  • Sites are maintaining the proper level of PPE to ensure replenishment of items given ongoing shortages and lead times for some PPE.
  • Managers are stressing that associates stay hydrated, which is a key to a healthy immune system. Associates are allowed water in a clear bottle on the warehouse floor to aid in maintaining proper hydration. 
  • Practice getting plenty of rest, exercise, and good nutrition.

Thank you to all Essential Workers on the front lines working tirelessly to provide for our health, safety and wellbeing.

We are #3PLStrong. We are essential. We are TSG. View COVID-19 Resources

Thank you to all essential workers on the front lines working tirelessly to provide for our health, safety and wellbeing. We are grateful to our nation's healthcare workers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, teachers and everyone else who have dedicated themselves to providing for the welfare of fellow Americans during the global pandemic.

At The Shippers Group, we are especially thankful to our associates who rise up every day to meet the challenge of keeping the nation's food supply chain moving. 

To our associates, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders, we wish you and your families a happy & safe Thanksgiving.

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 response efforts, please contact Diane Villafana, VP of Human Resources and Safety Compliance.


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