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COVID-19 Update: Week 42

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Nov 19, 2021


As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays will soon be here, there are new concerns about the spread of COVID. Health officials are concerned over the recent uptick in COVID cases across the upper Midwest and Northeast as the colder weather drives people indoors.

Some advice for a safer family gathering this Thanksgiving is to open windows or try to gather outdoors where possible. Good ventilation is believed to be just as important as vaccination. 


If you have not been vaccinated, please consider getting the COVID vaccine now. It’s easy to get and it is free. If you have previously been vaccinated and are eligible for the COVID vaccine booster, please get your booster to stay optimally protected. 

The CDC has kept its holiday guidance short and sweet this year. It recommends:

  • Vaccines for all who are eligible 
  • Wearing a mask in public indoor settings
  • Avoiding crowded, poorly ventilated spaces
  • Not attending or hosting gatherings when ill

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Taking Action

This is the latest list of actions we are taking to ensure communication to all stakeholders:

  • If you do not feel well, STAY HOME. Call your manager and let them know you are experiencing signs of COVID-19.
  • Remember to SOCIAL DISTANCE yourself from other coworkers. Notify management if you feel this is not occurring at your site.
  • If you're unvaccinated, wear your protective MASK, SCARF, OR BANDANA always. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose.
  • Wash your hands and sanitize several times a day. Especially after touching hard surfaces.
  • Disinfect your work areas. If you need supplies to clean your equipment, desk, or any other surface, let management know immediately.
  • Masks are no longer mandatory if you are vaccinated.
  • Track and trace is required on all events. Save documents in COVID-19 folder at site.
  • Restrict visitors to scheduled visits only.
  • Reassess social distancing at the site, especially in common areas near time clocks, restrooms, and break rooms.
  • Continue disinfecting all areas, especially common areas such as time clocks, bathrooms, lunchrooms, desks, computers, tables, door knobs/handles, light switches, etc.
  • Ensure sanitization stations are operational and filled at all times.
  • Evaluate COVID-19 Task Force Cleaning Crews/Order PPE

Symptoms, Testing, and Quarantine Protocols:

  • Positive for COVID-19 with symptoms:
    • Quarantine for 10 days from date symptoms appeared/onset
    • Negative test required to return to work (exception: Dallas county)

  • COVID-19 symptoms but not tested (feeling sick):
    • Quarantine for 7 days
    • Negative test required to return to work (exception: Dallas county)

  • Close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19 (no symptoms):
    • Fully vaccinated:
      • After day 7 AND receiving a negative test may return, or
      • After 10 days without testing and no symptoms
    • Non vaccinated:
      • Quarantine for 14 days.
      • If no symptoms after 7 days may return with negative test (exception: Dallas county), or
      • After 10 days without testing and no symptoms

Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!

When considering what is best for your family's safety, consider everyone with whom you're in direct contact.

We are #3PLStrong. We are essential. We are TSG. View COVID-19 Resources

MASKS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED IF YOU ARE VACCINATED. Unvaccinated associates and visitors are required to wear a mask. Vaccination status is on the honor system.

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 response efforts, please contact Diane Villafana, VP of Human Resources and Safety Compliance.


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