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Forklift Safety is a Priority for The Shippers Group

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jun 12, 2018


Forklift and pedestrian safety is our goal anywhere or time a forklift is in use at The Shippers Group. The Industrial Truck Association has declared June 12th as National Forklift Safety Day, and we are using this day to reinforce safety tips! ITA is the leading organization for manufacturers of forklifts and industrial trucks, and their mission includes promoting forklift safety through an alliance with OSHA providing safety seminars and training materials. 

The Shippers Group stresses safety by appropriately training, certifying and reinforcing standards. Responsible operators comply with safety standards and follow rules. “We take safety seriously. Our employees are our greatest asset, and everyone on the warehouse floor is responsible for making sure all operators are doing things the right way,” says Diane Villafana Director of Human Resources at The Shippers Group.

Managers reinforce safety tips during team meetings and employees are encouraged to hold team members accountable for basic safety practices, such as fastening seat belts and keeping forks low. Proper training, constant awareness, reinforcement and accountability are keys to help prevent operators from falling into bad habits that compromise the safety of other associates. Our goal at The Shippers Group is to provide a working environment where employees feel safe and confident that they will return home safely to their families at the end of their workday.

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