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Neither Flood Nor Hurricane Nor Gloom of Night...

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Dec 13, 2018

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Users of 3PL warehousing and distribution services need to ensure continuity of operations and effective change control. Supply chains are susceptible to unplanned disruptions from catastrophic weather events to a data breach. When major disruptions occur, many supply chains tend to break down and take a long time to recover. The goal of your 3PL provider should be to continue to function and satisfy customers’ needs even in the wake of a major disruption.

A cost effective and time efficient strategy is necessary to make a supply chain resilient in the face of a major disruption. Shippers need assurance their 3PL provider is performing regular system backups with redundancy. They may require an on-site generator and redundant voice & data lines with separate DMARC’s. Other data requirements often include hot spares on-site for critical IT equipment, routers, etc. The plan should clearly address how the company intends to limit consequences for IT services based on a level agreed to with their customers and identify procedures and business priorities, prevention, migration, recovery, and emergency response. 

Make sure your supply chain partner has a business continuity plan for continuing business in the face of disaster beyond their IT systems. The plan should outline their ability to ensure resilience of processing systems and services as well as guard confidentiality of customers’ assets. All business functions should have continuity plans produced, documented, tested, maintained and routinely updated.

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