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Spill Containment: Safety & Importance

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Feb 23, 2021

Spill prevention and containment is important for the health and safety of employees and the environment.  Spills present a number of hazards depending on the substance. During the month of February, The Shippers Group is retraining a list of safety topics, one of which is spill containment. The reason for the training is to ensure the safety of our associates and our customers’ products. Safety is our first priority at The Shippers Group and one of our core values.

spill containment imageWhen you work with potentially hazardous and flammable substances, leaks and spills are a concern.

Steps to prevent leaks and spills is a priority:

  • Use of proper containers
  • Regular inspections of containers
  • Proper procedures for storing, using, moving and transferring substances

Potential hazards of spills include:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Hazardous substance release into the air over water supply
  • Human contamination

When a spill occurs, it is critically important to respond quickly and accurately:

  • Documented and trained procedures for handling spills
  • Activate trained people for the task using proper PPE
  • Evacuate the area and alert other workers
  • Reference detailed MSDS sheets on file
    • What to use or not use to contain clean up of substance
  • Be alert to reactions if a substance comes into contact with another or with air or water
  • Stop it before it becomes more serious
  • Decontaminate and dispose in EPA-approved container
  • Report as necessary to authorities
  • Keep records
Our warehousing experts are trained to help prevent spills and know how to respond quickly and safely if a spill happens. For more information on The Shippers Group, visit our About Us page at

The Shippers Group is a leading national third-party logistics company headquartered in Dallas, Texas providing supply chain support to brand leaders and market innovators in industries including food and consumer packaged goods. With food-grade multi-client and dedicated distribution facilities in the United States, The Shippers Group provides supply-chain solutions with outsourced warehousing, transportation, contract packaging, and e-commerce fulfillment services. Since 1901, The Shippers Group has relied on core values of integrity, innovation, excellence, and safety to grow customer relationships, focus on continuous improvement, and engage sustainable business practices that deliver results. More information is available at

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