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Texwrap Upgrade Increases Line Efficiency at The Shippers Group

Posted by Robin Siekerman on May 10, 2018

IMG_0233_BlurMore (003) (002) (2)To improve speed of the production line for one of The Shippers Group’s largest packaging clients, the company invested in an automatic shrink wrap system. The Texwrap utilizes the industry’s top innovative wrapping technology to increase output and longevity of the system. 

The Texwrap system is ideal for value packs or mixed packaging for consumer goods. The system has multiple settings for size and film durability based on the weight of the package. It also allows programming for multiple packages and products making it easy to shift production to different clients in a matter of a few minutes. 

Eddie Martin, General Manager, explains the process. “First we measure the package size that we want. Once it is programmed with the size and specifications the machine cuts the wrap, sends the product through a heat tunnel and shrinks the film down to the size of the project,” he says.

Martin says the machines are easier to work on, require less training for staff and have parts that are replaceable as well as new safety features such as proximity sensors, deadband switch and improved guards to reduce accidents. 

The Shippers Group has experienced production improvements as speed has increased, less down time and throughput is more efficient. For clients of The Shippers Group they are able to reduce cost of goods by having a combined packaging and distribution provider capable of offering custom packaging options and greater supply chain efficiency. 

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