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The Trend Towards Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Aug 23, 2022

Sustainable packaging is about coming up with a packaging solution that is better for the environment – a solution that results in less waste and less pollution. Consumers are aware of the challenges we are facing because of the over-usage of non-renewable resources. Because of this, the demand for businesses that offer sustainable packaging is increasing, while consumers do their part to help combat the global challenges we are being faced with.

Recycle package warehouseAccording to Trivium Packaging’s 2021 Global Buying Green Report, 67% of consumers consider it important that the products they are buying are in packaging that is recyclable. With that number in mind, companies are being driven to make sustainable changes to how their products are packaged. Food companies such as Nestlé, General Mills, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Mars Wrigley are among these companies making sustainable changes by switching from plastic to paper and replacing with either fully recyclable plastic wrappers, 100% recycled material, or biodegradable wrappers.

Leaders within the alcohol industry are also starting to make this transition. Corona unveiled their sustainable packaging for their six-packs, Bacardi said it would transition to 100% biodegradable plastic packaging by 2023, and most recently, Molson Coors announced their investment of $85 million to convert to sustainably sourced cardboard-wrap carriers by the end of 2025.

Sustainability is about protecting the ecosystem in which we live and work, and at The Shippers Group, we believe a healthy environment is essential for our customers, our employees, and our surrounding communities. For years, The Shippers Group has been a proud Inbound Logistics Green 75 Logistics Partner – going above and beyond to ensure sustainable supply chains and that our operations are socially and environmentally friendly. As part of these efforts, we remain actively engaged with our customers and potential customers, collaborating to create opportunities that increase the potential for meaningful sustainable outcomes. In fact, The Shippers Group just recently finished the installation of new packaging equipment at one of our facilities to support our customers transition from plastic film bags to recyclable corrugate.

Whether you are a CPG company considering changing your secondary packaging from plastic to recyclable material, or a beverage company looking to change your packs to cardboard-wrap carriers, The Shippers Group has the equipment and experience to help with your sustainable packaging needs.

For more information on how The Shippers Group can assist with sustainable packaging solutions, visit our Packing Services Page or contact us today at

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