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Top KPIs for Efficient Warehousing

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jun 26, 2018


The Shippers Group knows warehousing and logistics. We have been handling consumer goods, automotive and food products in our 4.8 million square feet since 1901. And we are intensely focused on continuous improvement of our processes and operations with our goal of providing the ultimate customer experience. The Shippers Group continues to promote this by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) for our clients. Here’s what we learned are the top indicators for warehousing and logistics success. 

#1: Inventory Accuracy

The Shippers Group maintains an inventory accuracy rate greater than 98%.  We achieve and exceed this KPI through established inventory processes, including cycle counting, investigation of variances, and utilizing the latest technologies in tracking goods throughout the DC.  

#2: On-time Shipping/Arrival

Our on-time shipping/arrival rate is 99%, and our customers hold us to this standard. We take pride in having our orders ready to ship by the customers requested date. The Shippers Group structures our workforce shifts and hours of work to meet customer needs. And we are happy to accommodate—when our customers are busy so are we! 

#3: Shipment Accuracy

Shipment accuracy is what it is all about. The Shippers Group is proud to have a 99% shipment accuracy rate. Customers look to us to ship their product correctly to the customer every time. To achieve this, we adopt lean operating methods including physical verification of order, systematic countbacks on the picked cases, and serial verification as the goods are loaded.

#4: On-time Receipt

The Shippers Group works hard to maintain a 98% on-time receipt KPI. We measure this on a 24-hour cycle. It’s impossible for our customer to ship product that is not in our distribution center. To expedite our shipments and help ensure goods are available for sale by our customer, we receive goods into the warehouse and have them available for shipping that same day.

To learn more about The Shippers Group and see how you can benefit from these KPIs visit or call (214) 381-5050.

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