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The Shippers Group Achieves Greater Efficiency in Transportation Management Through Aljex Software

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Dec 14, 2023

The Shippers Group Transportation Division, also known as Shippers Express, has been providing superior transportation services for nearly 40 years. The department has thrived under the guidance of our seasoned management team and experienced significant growth in recent years.

However, as the demand for our transportation services continued to rise, it became evident that an advanced Transportation Management Software (TMS) with additional capabilities that would improve our customers’ overall experience was essential. Recognizing this need, The Shippers Group is excited to announce our partnership with Aljex as our new TMS provider.


A few months into this transition, we are eager to share a few of the positive impacts that our customers have witnessed from the implementation of the new Transportation Management Software:

  • Enhanced Portal Options: Customers and carriers now have a portal option to access their load information and updates.

  • Visibility: Through the portal, customers have visibility to shipments and can monitor updates.

  • Easy Onboarding: Onboarding new customers is a breeze, making our transportation services readily available for those with a quick turnaround.

  • Carbon-Free Footprint: Aligned with collective sustainability goals, everything can now be done within the software, eliminating the need for printers, both for customers and carriers.

Additionally, the transition to Aljex TMS brings significant benefits to our team by enhancing operational efficiency and providing dashboards for effortless tracking and analysis of key metrics. Combined with the software’s user-friendly interface, our team has gained the ability to navigate tasks more swiftly, while having a better grasp of data for strategic decision-making.

“I am incredibly excited about the positive changes Aljex brings to our logistics management,” said Director of Transportation, Laina Grimland. “We look forward to leveraging the software’s capabilities to create a more efficient experience for our customers, and being able to allocate more time and attention to other areas of development and growth.”

As Transportation experts, this investment in a new TMS is just another benefit our customers can experience when partnering with us. Interested in learning more about the competitive advantage our Transportation services offer? Here are 10 Advantages of Partnering with Shippers Express.

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