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The Shippers Group Launches Second Emerging Leaders Program

Posted by Robin Siekerman on May 25, 2021

The Shippers Group is excited to announce the launch of its second Emerging Leaders Program!

As part of the The Shippers’ Group Leadership Academy, the Emerging Leaders Program was created on the premise that to lead others, you have to first be able to lead yourself. Kicking off in March, this year-long program is already underway and designed to focus on leadership development and team building. The nominated 10 associates will do a deep dive into personal and professional development with an emphasis on personal growth in a professional framework.

Having paved the path for Operational Excellency last year, The Shippers Group remains focused on continually improving every department. We believe that by building better leaders, our organization will achieve greater levels of success—including a more engaged workforce, lower levels of turnover, an inclusive workplace, and ultimately growth.

“As The Shippers Group continues to grow, we have several new opportunities, and have a lot of people to fill future leader roles. We started this program back in 2017, and now that we have seen our first group of participants become more established in their careers, it was time to bring in a new group of individuals. This is our way to prepare them for the next step in their career and to help lead us. With our heavy focus on continuous improvement, this is another step we are taking in improving operationally and as a culture, and to remain the employer of choice.”

– Rob Doyle, President

Chip Scholz, Scholz & AssociatesThe sessions for this program are facilitated by Chip Scholz of Scholz and Associates. He is an author, speaker, facilitator, and an executive coach. Chip has a mission to create work cultures of well-being.Through years of coaching executives across the country through proven exercises, tough questions, and honest conversations. His collective experiences shape his coaching philosophy, which can be summarized through these 5 principles:

  • Context—Before you know where you are going, you must understand where you are.

  • Clarity—What is it that you want?

  • Conditioning—Can you change your mind?

  • Choice—Do we take time to choose what we are going to do?

  • Character—Simply put, do you walk the talk?

Continuing on, President, Rob Doyle, stated: “This diverse group of individuals has shown great work in their current jobs, and have demonstrated their ability to be a strong leader for our company. This program is designed to enhance their leadership skills as they prepare for future growth in the company and additional responsibility as the opportunities arise. We are excited to see them grow both as an individual and professionally as we make this investment in both their future and in ensuring The Shippers Group is sustained long-term.”

Meet the Participants:

  • Juan Caballero, Operations Manager
  • Jessica Gillespie, Senior Account Manager
  • Maggie Harvey, Marketing & Sales Support Specialist
  • Danny Kuvach, Assistant General Manager
  • Yolanda Maxie, Account Manager
  • Juan Leija, General Manager
  • Jose Portillo, Operations Manager
  • Sarah Sheppard, Director of Inventory Control
  • LB Vines, Production Manager
  • Alex Whiteley, Industrial Engineer & Continuous Improvement Manager


Untitled design

Pictured Top L-R: Alex Whiteley, Industrial Engineer & Continuous Improvement Manager; LB Vines, Production Manager; Jessica Gillespie, Senior Account Manager; Juan Leija, General Manager; Maggie Harvey, Marketing & Sales Support Specialist

Bottom L-R: Jose Portillo, Operations Manager; Yolanda Maxie, Account Manager; Juan Caballero, Operations Manager; Sarah Sheppard, Director of Inventory Control; Danny Kuvach, General Manager 


Congratulations to these emerging leaders!


The Shippers Group is a leading national third party logistics company located in 6 states with over 5.4 million square feet of distribution space. In addition to 3PL warehousing services, the company also provides contract packaging, ecommerce and transportation management services. 

Learn more about The Shippers Group's locations and services by clicking here.

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