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TSG Partners with Pacific Coast Producers to Stock the Shelves of Local Food Banks

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Aug 22, 2023

Shared values are important in a successful partnership. When our customers align with our mission and values, then we are able to inspire a greater working relationship. Furthermore, when we form partnerships with customers who share in our commitments – such as social responsibility - then our alignment allows us to have a synergistic relationship. 

Giving back is a strong value of The Shippers Group and one that permeates both our culture and how we operate. We proactively look for ways we can spark meaningful change in our communities through volunteerism and philanthropy. In addition to what our team participates in, we also look for collaborative projects with our customers where can maximize our reach and give back together. 

So, when a customer expressed interest in donating a truckload of their food product, we jumped at the opportunity to help make this possible!

During a recent visit, our customer, Pacific Coast Producers, brought up the opportunity for a collaborative project for one of their inbound shipments. The customer was willing to donate the product, and we were willing to handle the logistics portion (after all, it is our forte!). Eager to be a part of this contribution, members of our corporate team gathered in our warehouse the other week to sort through the product. Our transportation department then ensured the delivery of the product to the food bank. Our combined efforts that day resulted in the donation of five pallets of food.

PCP Group Pic(L-R: Rob Doyle, Kurt Wenzel, Laina Grimland, Amanda Bowden, Kris Hill, John Dennington, Richard Roach)

Due to the size of the donation and the capacity of the food bank, this will be an ongoing project for us. In total, we will be able to donate over 20 pallets of fruit cups over the next few months to our local food bank – Jan Pruitt Community Pantry. Not only do our own team members volunteer regularly at this food pantry, but The Shippers Group also donates to their canned food drives each year. We have seen firsthand just how needed these donations are and the impact they have on the quality of life for those in our community.

“Thank you to our customer, Pacific Coast Producers, and Robert Jeremic, Director of Supply Chain, for their generous donation to our community. I would also like to thank the TSG team for their ongoing time and effort in getting this product sorted and donated to our local food pantry. Opportunities like this establish a great rapport between both our team and our customers. We have the power to create substantial lasting impact through efforts like these, so I am grateful to work among individuals and companies who share in the value of serving others.” – Rob Doyle, President, The Shippers Group

PCP Project

For more information on our Give Back Program and how The Shippers Group simultaneously builds relationships while serving the needs of others in our community, visit The Shippers Group Gives Back.

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