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What is Cycle Counting in the Warehouse?

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Aug 13, 2021

Last month, The Shippers Group introduced our newest department: DICE—Department of Inventory Control Excellence. As part of their efforts, the team conducts regular cycle counting. 

What is Cycle Counting?

Cycle Counting is a crucial part of a warehouse’s inventory control program. The method is performed by counting a small amount of inventory at a time, with the intent of doing an entire inventory count over a specific period of time. By performing cycle counts, it allows monitoring and correction to be taken more frequently to ensure items on the floor match the inventory records.

Implementing regular cycle counts can help minimize disruptions in the warehouse, help identify and improve procedural issues, and give your operations confidence that the inventory matches what’s in the system.

Check out the video below to hear The Shippers Group's Director of Operational Excellence, Al Siekerman, talk about the importance of Cycle Counting in the warehouse.

Be sure to check back in next week for more information on best practices for managing inventory in the warehouse!

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