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It's National Safety Month at The Shippers Group

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Feb 20, 2020

Safety is our #1 priority at The Shippers Group. It’s one of our Core Values

SAFETY: No compromising. Safety is our priority both to our Associates and Customers’ product.

The Shippers Group has chosen the month of February each year to focus on safety training and retraining. The purpose of annual training is to further enhance TSG’s monthly training programs and daily safety reminders during shift meetings. At The Shippers Group, we aim to exceed the standards set by OSHA to ensure the health and safety of all associates in our 13 locations nationwide. There are are over 1,200 individuals who rely on each other to work safely each day.

Each week in February aims to focus on a set of safety topics that will be covered during pre-shift meetings and individually as necessary:

Copy of Copy of Copy of Safety_ No Compromising

At The Shippers Group, we take safety very seriously with the goal of providing a work environment that gives associates peace of mind they’ll return home safely to their loved ones at the end of the work day. Nothing is more important than the safety of our associates. 

The Shippers Group offers multi-client and contract third-party warehousing for traditional retail and ecommerce companies across the US. To read more about our Core Values, including the importance of our associates' safety, check out this blog entry highlighting June 2019's National Safety Month activities.

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