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The Shippers Group Among Elite Class of 3PL Providers

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Aug 24, 2021

When a business disruption like no other challenged supply chains last year, it was 3PLs who stepped up. From ramping up e-commerce fulfillment strategies to finding capacity where none exists to managing global trade upheaval, leading 3PLs such as The Shippers Group provided the needed solutions. In recognition of that effort, Inbound Logistics editors chose The Shippers Group as a 2021 Top 100 3PL Provider.  This is the fifth consecutive year The Shippers Group as been named among the elite list.  

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Managing Inventory in the Warehouse

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Aug 20, 2021


What is Inventory Management?

Inventory Management is a crucial part of supply chain management. It is the process in which inventory is tracked on a regular basis to ensure that the appropriate inflow and outflow are maintained. Without it causes an increase in costs and other areas of inefficiency.

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What is Cycle Counting in the Warehouse?

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Aug 13, 2021

Last month, The Shippers Group introduced our newest department: DICE—Department of Inventory Control Excellence. As part of their efforts, the team conducts regular cycle counting. 

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The Shippers Group Associates Attend IWLA Essentials of Warehousing Course

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Aug 4, 2021
Juan Sánchez, Operations Manager; Alex Whiteley, Industrial Engineer and Continuous Improvement Manager; Maggie Harvey, Sales and Marketing Specialist; and Jose Portillo, Operations Manager, recently attended the 2021 IWLA Essentials of Warehousing Course. Taking place in San Diego, CA, this four-day course took a deep dive into all aspects of warehouse logistics and emerging areas of 3PL management.
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Discover How a 3PL Warehousing Company Navigated the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jul 27, 2021

How does a third-party (3PL) warehousing company thrive during the middle of a global crisis? Rapid problem solving is essential, but how do we execute under high stress when suddenly your customers have shipped practically everything from your facility and their supply chains are unprepared to manufacture to levels capable of replenishing stock levels? When left with a completely or partially empty distribution warehouse with rent and payroll expenses, what do you do to get back on track? 

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