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The Shippers Group Recognizes National Forklift Safety Day

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jun 3, 2021

Any time you have warehouse associates working in close proximity to one another, especially those who are operating forklifts, their safety is the number one priority. How does a warehouse operator help ensure the safety of all associates, both those who are operating forklifts and other materials handling equipment and those who are working on foot among them? 

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Heart-to-Heart: April is First Aid and CPR Month

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Apr 27, 2021

Safety is our #1 priority at The Shippers Group, and April has been designated as First Aid and CPR month. While safety is always top-of-mind at TSG, specific importance is placed on First Aid and CPR during the month of April. Read on about the ways in which TSG is highlighting Heart-to-Heart month among associates.

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5 Steps for Creating a Safer LockOut/TagOut Program

Posted by Margaret Harvey on Feb 25, 2021

This week wraps up our Annual Safety Training Month at The Shippers Group, and to conclude this month of training, we are sharing tips on creating a safer LockOut/TagOut program.

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Spill Containment: Safety & Importance

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Feb 23, 2021

Spill prevention and containment is important for the health and safety of employees and the environment.  Spills present a number of hazards depending on the substance. During the month of February, The Shippers Group is retraining a list of safety topics, one of which is spill containment. The reason for the training is to ensure the safety of our associates and our customers’ products. Safety is our first priority at The Shippers Group and one of our core values.

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Food Safety in 3PL Warehouses

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Feb 18, 2021

Food distribution warehouses are a critical link in the food supply chain, and operators of food distribution warehouses are responsible for helping protect the safety of food distributed to the general public. This requires following Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines as outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act. FSMA was enacted to ensure safety practices of food manufacturing facilities, food warehouses and other food-handling facilities. 

Training on a variety of food safety topics in the warehouse is essential for compliance and employee safety.  The Shippers Group trains on numerous important food safety topics. 

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