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Is a Public Warehouse Right For You?

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jan 17, 2019

If I’m a manufacturer or a distributor, how am I going to affordably store and distribute my goods to consumers? I need a warehouse facility that is capable of managing my inventory and shipping orders for on-time delivery to my customers. But do I want to invest in buildings, systems and hire employees to perform this function or do I want to let someone else do it for me? My main business is to distribute the most popular gadgets that improve the daily lives of my customers, and I want to be able to invest in enhancements to my gadgets that will keep my customers loyal to my company. What do I do?

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General Concepts of Consumer Goods Warehousing

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jan 15, 2019

Manufacturers need a place to store the goods they produce and distribute. Many elect to use a third party warehousing company to perform the service. It is these warehousing operations that are key to achieving customer service and inventory control with the main role of the warehouse to store goods until they are needed to meet consumer demand. 

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TSG is Turning Up the Heat in 2019!

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jan 7, 2019

2018 was a remarkable year at The Shippers Group! Our top blog posts in 2018 had people wanting to know...

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Top Three Innovations for the Warehouse

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Aug 14, 2018

The warehouse has evolved over the years from a place to store boxes to a high technology operation that tracks inventory, provides custom packaging and kitting and manages more than 1 million square-feet of space on any given day. Amy Landers, IT Manager at The Shippers Group, is a big believer in investing in new technologies. “When you add up the costs of something that is usually handled manually and could be handled by automation, it makes a lot of sense,” she says.

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Basic Warehouse Security Practices of Your 3PL

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jul 26, 2018

The Shippers Group follows fundamental best practices for warehouse security as outlined by the International Warehouse Logistics Association and available at 

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