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Kurt Wenzel Named General Manager at Wintergreen Facility

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Mar 12, 2019

The Shippers Group is happy to announce another promotion from within the company of Kurt Wenzel to General Manager of their Wintergreen location in Hutchins, TX. Kurt has worked for The Shippers Group for almost 7 years and has worked in warehousing and logistics industry for 28 years. Starting as a forklift driver while in school, Kurt has worked in almost every position as a warehouse operator from pulling orders to unloading and loading trailers, spotting trailers, etc. Upon completion of his degree in Business Administration, Kurt officially began his career in warehousing as a forklift driver and worked his way up the supervisory ranks to General Manager of multi-client high-volume facilities. 

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Rob Doyle Receives Executive Warehouse Logistics Profession (EWLP) Designation

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Mar 8, 2019

The International Warehouse Logistics Association has recognized Rob Doyle for his completion of the Executive Warehouse Logistics Profession requirements and earned his EWLP designation. By completing the requirements for EWLP, Rob has shown his commitment to furthering his education in the warehouse logistics industry. Rob has not only expanded his own personal career goals, but has also gained knowledge that will be beneficial to the success of The Shippers Group and the health of the warehouse logistics industry in general. 

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New Director of Dallas Operations Named At The Shippers Group

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Feb 14, 2019

The Shippers Group is proud to announce the promotion of Trey Muggley to Director of Dallas Operations. In his new role, Trey will oversee operations of two multi-client distribution facilities in Dallas, Texas. 

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When is Contract Warehousing the Right Decision?

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jan 31, 2019
Manufacturers and distributors of goods need somewhere to store their goods prior to shipping them to their customers. When a good is produced by a manufacturer, seldom is it shipped immediately to the manufacturer’s customer. One option for storing goods is a contract warehouse. A contract warehouse receives the goods and carefully manages inventory until those goods are ready to be shipped to a customer. A contract warehouse will handle the shipping, receiving, and storage of goods in a facility and with labor that is dedicated to the one account.

A large amount of capital is required to secure a building, purchase equipment and staff operations. Commonly the 3PL provider will already have space available within one of their existing buildings or will be willing to acquire space for the dedicated operation. Experienced contract warehouse operators are able to find the perfect location for the distribution center whether it is in an existing facility or building a distribution center from the ground up. Their solutions will include designing a layout for the building, implementing process, staffing and training, and equipment and tools to help ensure efficiency and customer service levels.

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TSG Recognized by Top Industry Organizations

Posted by Robin Siekerman on Jan 25, 2019

The Shippers Group is proud to have been recognized for our passion and results in 2018. Below are some of the accolades we received from the logistics and supply chain industry’s most respected organizations.

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